Areas of Expertise

Image Manipulation
Hey there! I’m Josh, a freelance designer / artist working in London. I was born and raised in West London and have always been around computers since I can remember. My forte has always been design, especially venturing to digital media. I thoroughly enjoy expanding the horizons of my creative bounds, from designing new posters and illustrations to coming up with new UI ideas for an app.
I have previous experience in graphic design, branding and UI design and I’m now looking for new full-time opportunities in a fantastic company to expand my skillset. With a focus on detail and an eye for pixel perfection, I strive to deliver only the best results for whatever task given through passion and deliberate design.
When I’m not in front of the computer, you can find me practicing photography, working out, beating my friends at Mario Kart, playing pool, jamming on the guitar or curating a new Spotify playlist.
Reach out to me on my socials, or via the form below!
Thank you!
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